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Russian propaganda is surging in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Russian propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation have all increased substantially over the last decade. Rather these media outlets are directly supporting Russian foreign policy objectives.

Cuando Filipinas fue un País Hispanohablante.

Russian media leverages the growing platforms to deliver information—television broadcasting, social media, and the internet—in order to reach and influence Latin American audiences, often in Spanish. It is estimated that RT and Sputnik alone can reach nearly the entire region.

RT has agreements with about cable providers throughout the region. Initially, Russian messaging seemed opportunistic and not well coordinated among the various Russian-controlled media outlets in the region.

However, in recent years that has changed, and Russian media appears far more coordinated in their messaging efforts. Additionally, Russian propaganda often exploits underfunded and under-resourced media outlets, including many in Latin American, in order to amplify their message. These are known as proxy media outlets. Latin American outlets have limited capacity to fact check everything, and in the race to ensure fresh content, find themselves re-publishing Russia media narratives. In fact, Moscow much prefers the message to come from Latin American media outlets because it carries more credibility.

One of the false narratives that Russia is pushing hard in Latin America deals with U. Moscow understands the historical legacy of U. In , Sputnik Mundo published a false story claiming that the U. In early , RT Actualidad published another false story claiming that the U. The timing of both messaging campaigns corresponded with ongoing U.

This illustrates intentionality in the use of Russia propaganda to achieve specific gains. In the cases of Peru and Argentina it was to undermine U. In , former U. National Security Advisor H. McMaster and Congressman Marco Rubio asserted that Russian misinformation campaigns were being used to shape outcomes in several upcoming Latin American elections, including Brazilian, Colombian, and Mexican elections. Altering the political landscapes among critical U.

Emeritus Professor Guy Thomson

In reality, a Royal Airforce C based in the Falklands was among the first on the scene to support search and rescue missions. These are the kinds of baseless and distorted claims consistent with Russian misinformation and disinformation efforts in the region.

Russian diaspora have not gained any significant political influence to shaping Latin America and Caribbean politics or advance Russian political influence. The diaspora will continue serving as an instrument to promote Russian views and close the gap between Latin American and Caribbean societies and Moscow, if persistent, over the long term.

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Still, Russian media is among dozens of media outlets, representing countries all over the world. This saturation of information likely dilutes the impact that Russian media has in the region, although there is still no scientific way to measure the impact of Russian propaganda. However, it is the online programming and social media where Russian media outlets like RT or Sputnik have the biggest opportunity for growth. This is the medium that most middle class, younger audiences turn to for their information, offering the Kremlin an opportunity to effectively and efficiently reach the most influential sectors of society.

To effectively mitigate the threat of Russian propaganda, the U. Finally, the U. Brian Fonseca is the director of the Jack D.

Green School of International and Public Affairs. An indictment is merely an allegation and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

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This course serves as an introduction to usage-based approaches to phonology. We will contrast functionalist and cognitive perspectives with more formal descriptions of phonological rules and representation. We will examine what phonological phenomena can tell us about the nature and size of lexical units. An emphasis will be placed on exploring phonetic, experimental, and diachronic studies in order to understand the nature of phonological representation in memory.