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Fungal infections are very common nowadays especially during rainy season. It has become a menace now because of delayed Home Chat with a doctor Homeopathy Fungal infection. Suggestion over this? Fungal infection. Asked for Female, 24 Years. I m suffering from severe fungal infection on the different parts of the body and the itching is very annoying i want instant relief but also want a permanent solution.

What is your suggestion over this? Answers 3 Like the answers? Himani Negi Homoeopath 7 yrs exp Chennai. Unlike conventional treatment, the natural Homeopathic remedies do not suppress fungal infection; these rather work to root out the underlying cause of fungal infections. The Homeopathic treatment, thus, provides a permanent cure by uprooting the cause of the infection. You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance and permanent cure without any side effects.

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Eight home remedies for a yeast infection

Was this answer helpful? YES NO. Amisha Mirchandani Homoeopath 8 yrs exp Thane. Hello I understand your concerns We have many good homeopathic medicines for this condition to treat it completely from the root itself without any harmful sideeffects that are part of conventional medicines Please contact me directly or ask me at dramisha. S S Tanwar homeopath 28 yrs exp Gurgaon.


Fungus usually grows in absence of oxygen. Exposure to more oxygen helps in preventing fungal growth.

Candida-Ease: A Homeopathic Candida Remedy

Fungal infection occurs due to poor immunity. To get rid of it we need regular exercise and good nutritious food. Avoid all types of shampoo and soap and hair oils. These are good herbal Homeopathic creams for fungal infection for dry skin.

What is Candida?

These medicines have no adverse effects if taken under supervision of qualified homeopathic consultant. Articles you may like Fungal Infections Dr.

Parthasarathi Dutta Roy Infections are the basic form of infections and may get worse, if proper care and medical assistance is not taken giving Read more Nikita Patel Dermatophytosis tinea infections are fungal infections caused by dermatophytes - a group of fungi that invade and grow Nitric acid is helpful in cases where a stitching pain is prominent and there is a complain of irritation in the genital area. A white vaginal discharge may also leave behind a yellow stain in such cases. Monilia Albicans : This is used when there is a presence of cracks or fissures in the vagina or vulva accompanied by itchiness.

Some women may also notice the presence of vesicular eruptions that contain fluid on the vulva or vagina.

Helonias: This is used to treat cases marked by a curd-like the deposit in the vulva. The patient may also complain of inflammation and redness of the genital area along with sensations of heat and burning.

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A backache, weakness and prostration are other common symptoms that can be addressed by this homeopathic remedy. We don't support your browser. Please upgrade your browser or download modern browsers from here! Get help from best doctors, anonymously. Common Specialities. Shared 2 years ago. Written and reviewed by. Anuradha S. Some popular homeopathic remedies for Vaginal Candidiasis are: Sepia and Calcarea Carb: These are often prescribed in cases where there is a white vaginal discharge. Thank Doctor Thank.

Consult Online Consult. Book Appointment Book. Book appointment with top doctors for Anal Fissure treatment View fees, clinic timings and reviews. Book Appointment. Related Medicines. Rekool 10 MG Tablet. Thrize Plus Tablet. Syscan MG Capsule.

Other Symptoms Suggestive of Candida Overgrowth

Tetlin MG Capsule. Healex Plus Spray. Morcon Tablet. Fendrop 50Mcg Patch. Pethitroy 50Mg Injection.

A Homeopathic Perspective on Women’s Conditions

Biospan 10Mg Tablet. View All. Related Lab Tests. MRI Scan Test. Related Questions.