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  1. "scagliare una maledizione contro" English translation.
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  3. La maledizione di Ondine by Valentina Barbieri.
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  6. A 'family curse': First insomnia, then death?
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Google Translation. Date of experience: February Reviewed January 19, Date of experience: January Reviewed November 28, Date of experience: November Reviewed November 23, via mobile. They greet each other warmly: "Figlia! Rigoletto has been concealing his daughter from the Duke and the rest of the city, and she does not know her father's occupation. Since he has forbidden her to appear in public, she has been nowhere except to church and does not even know her own father's name. When Rigoletto has gone, the Duke appears and overhears Gilda confess to her nurse Giovanna that she feels guilty for not having told her father about a young man she had met at the church.

She says that she fell in love with him, but that she would love him even more if he were a student and poor. As she declares her love, the Duke enters, overjoyed. Gilda, alarmed, calls for Giovanna, unaware that the Duke had sent her away. Hearing sounds and fearing that her father has returned, Gilda sends the Duke away after they quickly trade vows of love: "Addio, addio" "Farewell, farewell".

Caro nome che il mio cor " "Dearest name". Later, Rigoletto returns: "Riedo! They tell Rigoletto that they are actually abducting the Countess Ceprano. He sees that they are masked and asks for a mask for himself; while they are tying the mask onto his face, they also blindfold him. Blindfolded and deceived, he holds the ladder steady while they climb up to Gilda's room: Chorus: "Zitti, zitti" "Softly, softly". With her father's unknowing assistance Gilda is carried away by the courtiers. Left alone, Rigoletto removes his mask and blindfold, and realizes that it was in fact Gilda who was carried away.

He collapses in despair, remembering the old man's curse. A room in the ducal palace.


There are doors on both sides as well as a larger one at the far end by the sides of which hang full length portraits of the Duke and his wife. There is one high-backed chair at a table covered with velvet and other furnishings. The Duke is concerned that Gilda has disappeared: "Ella mi fu rapita! The courtiers then enter and inform him that they have captured Rigoletto's mistress: Chorus: "Scorrendo uniti" "We went together at nightfall".

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By their description, he recognizes it to be Gilda and rushes off to the room where she is held: "Possente amor mi chiama" "Mighty love beckons me". Rigoletto enters singing and feigning nonchalance, but also looking anxiously for any trace of Gilda, whom he fears may have fallen into the hands of the Duke. The courtiers pretend not to notice his anxiety, but quietly laugh at him with each other. A page boy arrives with a message from the Duke's wife - the Duchess wishes to speak to her husband - but the courtiers reply suggestively that the Duke cannot be disturbed at the moment.

Rigoletto realizes this must mean that Gilda is with the Duke. To the courtiers' surprise, he reveals that Gilda is his daughter. He first demands, then tearfully pleads with the courtiers to return her to him: "Cortigiani, vil razza dannata" "Accursed race of courtiers". Rigoletto attempts to run into the room in which Gilda is being held, but the courtiers block his way. After a time, Gilda enters, and Rigoletto orders the courtiers to leave him alone with her.

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  • The courtiers leave the room, believing Rigoletto has gone mad. Gilda describes to her father what has happened to her in the palace: "Tutte le feste al tempio" "On all the holy days" and he attempts to console her. Monterone is led across the room on the way to prison and pauses in front of the portrait of the Duke to regret that his curse on the libertine has had no effect.

    As the guards lead Monterone away, Rigoletto mutters that the old man is mistaken; he, Rigoletto, the dishonored buffoon, shall make thunder and lightning rain from heaven onto the offender's head. Vendetta, tremenda vendetta! Revenge, terrible revenge! The right bank of the river Mincio. On the left is a two-story house, half ruined. Through a large arch on the ground floor a rustic tavern can be seen as well as a rough stone staircase that leads to an attic room with a small bed which is in full view as there are no shutters.

    In the wall downstairs that faces the street is a door that opens to the inside. The wall is so full of holes and cracks that everything that happens inside is easily seen from the exterior. At the back of the stage are deserted areas by the river which flows behind a parapet that has half collapsed into ruins.

    Beyond the river is Mantua. Gilda and Rigoletto, both uneasy, are standing in the road; Sparafucile is seated at a table in the tavern. A portion of Sparafucile's house is seen, with two rooms open to the view of the audience. Rigoletto and Gilda arrive outside. Sparafucile's sister, Maddalena, has lured him to the house. Rigoletto and Gilda listen from outside as the Duke flirts with Maddalena. Rigoletto orders Gilda to put on a man's clothes to prepare to leave for Verona and tells her that he plans to follow later.

    After she leaves, he completes his bargain with the assassin, who is ready to murder his guest for 20 scudi. Rigoletto then withdraws. With falling darkness, a thunderstorm approaches and the Duke decides to spend the rest of the night in the house. Sparafucile directs him to the upstairs sleeping quarters, resolving to kill him in his sleep. Gilda, who still loves the Duke despite knowing him to be unfaithful, returns dressed as a man and stands outside the house. Sparafucile reluctantly promises her that if by midnight another victim can be found, he will kill the other instead of the Duke.

    Sparafucile stabs her and she collapses, mortally wounded. At midnight, when Rigoletto arrives with money, he receives a corpse wrapped in a sack, and rejoices in his triumph.


    Bewildered, Rigoletto opens the sack and, to his despair, discovers his dying daughter. For a moment, she revives and declares she is glad to die for her beloved: "V'ho ingannato" "Father, I deceived you". She dies in his arms. Rigoletto cries out in horror: "La maledizione! The orchestra calls for 2 flutes Flute 2 doubles piccolo , 2 oboes Oboe 2 doubles English horn , 2 clarinets , 2 bassoons , 4 horns in Eb, D, C, Ab, G, and F, 2 trumpets in C, D, and Eb, 3 trombones , cimbasso , timpani , bass drum and cymbals , strings.

    The short orchestral preludio is based on the theme of the curse, intoned quietly on brass at first and building to intensity until it bursts into a passionate outcry by the full orchestra, subsiding once more and ending with repeated drum rolls alternating with brass, cumulatively increasing in volume to come to a somber conclusion.

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